DATE: AUGUST 3, 2024


N O   R E S I D E N T I A L   R E S T R I C T I O N S 


QUAD FORMAT: Maximum 15-18 QUAD sections distribution in descending order of ratings. Lowest section may be converted to SWISS format if needed to accommodate number of players. USCF rating from the Golden Data Base at the time of the tournament is the basis of establishing Quads. 


A Quad Tournament in chess is a type of tournament format where four players compete in a round-robin style tournament. In a quad tournament, four players are paired up to play against each other in three rounds. Each player plays three games, one against the other in their quad. If there are twelve players in a tournament to play in a Quad format, the 12 players are put in order of their ratings. Then, the top 4 players (1-4) play a round-robin against each other, the next four (5-8) play a round-robin against each other, and the bottom four (9-12) play a round-robin against each other. 


There will be no “Byes” or withdrawals allowed. Please complete all your Quad games. *********************************** 

TIME CONTROL: G/60 d5 ROUND TIMES 9:30 AM, 12:30 PM, and 2:45 PM

Please arrive NLT 9:15AM 


ENTRY FEE: $25.00 

PRIZES: Quad 1 : $90 ; Quad 2 : $80 ; Quad 3-15 : $60 to the winner of each Quad. 

Based on 60 entries. 


REGISTRATION: Registration confirmed upon receipt of paid entry fee. Online entries at No day of tournament registration. Maximum number of players = 60-80. Note: Other payment arrangements other than through ChessRegister can be accommodated.


EQUIPMENT: Please bring chess sets, boards, and clocks if possible.


CONTACT: Mike Moschos 407-497-2261 



ORGANIZER: The Villages Chess Club 


OTHER: Parents or guardians must accompany school-aged children. Eligible Players: All, no residential restrictions 

LUNCH: Best location for going to lunch is Brownwood (square), total distance 1 mile. Refrigerator is available inside the recreational center


Eisenhower Regional Recreation Center 

3560 Buena Vista Blvd

The Villages, FL 32163

Tel: (352) 674-8390

STARTS: Saturday  Aug 3 2024
ENDS: Saturday  Aug 3 2024

Registration Ends: Wednesday Sept 31, 2024
Rounds: 3
Organizer name: The Villages Chess Club
Organizer eMail:

Organizer website: